22 April 2022

10 Ways Cultural Identity Has Influenced Oceania Art Blog Post By Adrian Reynolds

10 Ways Cultural Identity Has Influenced Oceania Art

Our perception of art is often shaped by our education about it. It is very common for people to ignore masterpieces within reach of them, if they do not know where to look or how to appreciate them. By changing this concept, I seek to encourage a wider interest in all forms of art.

Taking the time to become acquainted with various cultures and their beautiful works of art, while remaining aware of one’s own identity, is crucial.

Fluid Art Techniques: The Ultimate Guide By Adrian Reynolds

Fluid Art Techniques | The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide to fluid art is a constantly evolving resource to help you explore the limitless possibilities of fluid art. My goal is to make this guide as comprehensive as possible, so that it can serve as a veritable encyclopaedia of fluid arts.

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