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Can Colour Impact Emotions & Mood in your Home or Workplace?

This post reflects on the way colours can impact human behaviour in either the home or workplace.

Can Colour Impact Emotions & Mood in your Home or Workplace?

I have touched upon the use of colour in artwork in some of my previous blog posts, but what is colour? Our understanding of colour has developed over time from the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Greeks.

Sir Isaac Newton is regarded as the first to formally present his science based theory. Newton discovered that white light, after being split into its component colours when passed through a dispersive prism, could be recombined to make white light by passing them through a different prism.  Newton’s 1704 work, Opticks: or, A Treatise of the Reflexions, Refractions, Inflexions and Colours of Light, refers. 

Therefore, colour theory refers to the visual impact of colour and the way colours mix. (Note: Illustration for this Blog is Claude Boutet’s, Colour Wheel of 1708).

Colours and emotions tend to be linked closely. Many scientific studies have shown that colours can evoke powerful emotions and impact human behaviour. For instance, warm colours are known to evoke different emotions in comparison to cool colours & bright colours. Different colours are known to create different feelings, especially when it comes to using them at home or office environments. It would all depend on the psychological effects of colours being utilised. 

Colours are capable of making us feel happy or sad. At the same time, they can help us when we are hungry or relaxed. The given reactions are rooted deeply in psychological effects, cultural imprinting, and biological conditioning. This is the reason why it is vital to understand the psychological effects of colours on an average person when the same are deployed in homes or offices. In this post, we will help you understand the importance of colours in homes or workplaces and how it can effect your overall mood & emotions.

House Colour & How it Affects Your Mood?

The colours utilised in your home can be the direct reflection of your overall personality. While most of us tend not to spend too much time thinking about the selection of the room colours, it tends to affect us on an everyday basis. Room colours are known to influence our thoughts and moods. 

Depending on the ethnic background, climate, gender, age, and other factors colour is known to affect the overall mood in several ways. Specific colours tend to obtain a similar reaction from a group of like-minded people. The variations are known to be derived from tones or shades that are used. This is the reason why it is regarded as an important aspect to choose colours wisely when it comes to designing and revamping your home. 

When you are designing your house, it is an intimidating step to choose the right colours. Colours have the ability to alter the overall shape & size of furnishing along with the overall décor of the room itself. The manner in which different colours tend to affect emotions significantly depends on the overall shade, brightness, tone, or tint of the colours. Moreover, it also depends on whether the colour is warm or cold as this can perceive the temperature of a room or space. Let us have a look at the effects of some specific colours on how you tend to feel:

  • Warm Colours: Yellow, orange, and red tend to be next to each other when it comes to the wheel of warm colours. Warm colours are known to evoke feelings of energy, optimism, and happiness. However, these warm colours can also tend to have the attention grabbing effect while also being utilised as a sign of danger, especially red. At the same time, red colour can also help in increasing the appetite of an individual, attracting a mate and even increase the insurance of your red sports car.
  • Cool Colours: Cool colours are known to include shades like purple, green, and blue. Cool colours in your home décor tend to impart a soothing and calming effect. On some individuals, these might even create a sense of sadness for some out there. Purple is mostly linked with sparking a sense of creativity as it turns out to be a mixture of blue (signifying calmness) and red (signifying something intense). If you wish to incorporate the sense of security, beauty, or health, you can consider making use of these colours.
  • Happy Colours: Happy hues tend to be bright & warm shades like red, orange, yellow, and pink. Pastel shades like lilac, light pink, or peach can also have an overall uplifting effect on the mood. The lighter and brighter a colour tends to be, the most optimistic and happier effect it is going to have on your mind. Another way in which colours can be helpful in creating happy emotions, is to combine a series of primary as well as secondary colours for a youthful effect.
  • Energising Colours: Bright, strong, and neon colours tend to have a powerful effect on your emotions. Colours like bright yellow, bright red, and neon green can deliver a highly energising feeling while making you feel more alert. These colours are responsible for grabbing your attention and making the room stand out from the surroundings. Strong and highly pigmented hues like royal blue, emerald green, magenta, and turquoise tend to have a stimulating effect while making you feel energised and refreshed at the same time.

Is the Colour of your Workplace Impacting Productivity?

Colours are known to impact the overall productivity at your workplace significantly. If you wish to maximize employee’s confidence and focus on work, you can consider using specialised colours for specialised purposes. You can decorate office desks in specific colours that help in boosting specific traits of employees like; concentration, creativity, confidence and efficiency.

There have been similar scientific studies that reveal that colours have the capability of not only changing your mood, but they also play a vital role in impacting the overall productivity either for better, or with wrong colour choice, worse. This is the reason why it is recommended that you should aim at making use of the right colours at the office space that allow you to emanate productivity and increase the overall output. 

The colours featuring low wavelengths like calming blue and restful green; the most common colours in the beautiful palette of Mother Nature, help in increasing the overall focus & efficiency. At the same time, these calming colours also help in improving the overall well-being of an individual. Therefore, if you wish to be happier and more effective, choosing green & blue hues for the office space can be a great choice. I have two examples in store, Sea Spray & Sea Foam, which beautifully demonstrate this particular colour palette.

Red, being a high-wavelength colour, signifies alertness, activeness, and in some cases, danger as well. The given colour of passion is known to increase the overall blood flow and heart rate upon viewing the same. As such, if there is something urgent or important at your office space that you would want the employees to notice, then it is best to highlight that focus space by using a red hue.

At the same time, yellow is often viewed as the hue of optimism by psychologists, and tends to be fresh & energetic. It helps in triggering innovation while being utilised in office environments as an ideal choice. This colour environment complements creativity, for people who work in artistic fields, for example, designers, writers, artists and developers.

Specific Colours for Improving Productivity at Your Workplace

Painting or decorating the office space in specific colours has been scientifically proven to improve the overall productivity at workplaces. However, it is also important to note that the utilisation of a single colour will not do the trick. The colour that would help in improving the overall productivity of the employees would depend on the type of work an individual is doing. 

While there are some universal colours that tend to improve the overall productivity, you can still go for choosing specific colours that can help in delivering the desired results. 

  • Blue: Blue is referred to as the universally recognised and accepted colour for boosting productivity. At the same time, it is also a highly stable and calming colour that can help the workers to focus on a series of tasks. Blue serves to be a good colour for painting the entire office and then, using other colours as accents for individuals who tend to match the temperament of the colour.
  • Green: It is regarded as a great colour for those who tend to work for longer hours at a stretch. It is not known to lead to eye fatigue while helping you to remain calm as well as efficient at the same time.
  • Yellow: It helps in signifying the colour of optimism while stimulating creativity at the same time. Therefore, employees who are involved in the creative field like designers or developers should look forward to integrating this lively colour in the given working space.
  • Red: If you are involved in a job asking for some type of physical activity, then red is your colour for productivity. The colour red has been proven to increase the overall blood flow, heart rate, while also evoking passion & emotions. 
  • Yellow & Orange: The combination of these two colours is known to foster the notion of effective decision-making. If you have difficult and important to make with respect to your work, then you can confine yourself into the given space. Orange is used to signify the colour of happiness and communication perfect for the reception desk at the office. 
  • Pink: Pink is known to activate affirmative emotions while soothing your mind and reducing overall stress. It’s a great colour for solicitors who are conducting mediation or a board room where conversations may get heated. It is even used by some prisons in their uniforms, not solely to avoid recognition and recapture in such distinctive attire, but to instil calmness among special inmate’s.
  • Purple: The purple shade also helps in increasing the overall productivity.

Making the most of the right colours for your home or office will improve productivity and wellbeing throughout. You will also be able to impress people with you knowledge and skill of applying colour psychology.

You are probably going to find yourself working and spending more time at home, so invest in home luxuries to make your workspace more comfortable.

So How can I Help You?

I am happy to discuss what sort of colours strikes a balance between your personality and your existing interior décor. You might be thinking of redecorating your home, or sourcing artwork directly for an office, business, restaurant, bar or hotel fit out or refurb?

My Art Aids Home Staging

When it comes to redecorating your home, you might be thinking of selling your property. I’m excited to offer my services and skills, to complement the home staging and interior design profession. You can read more about my value add service in a Home Staging Association UK & Ireland artist spotlight article.

Colour Palette

I will work with you to create a colour palette to match your bespoke requirements. Given that a normal human eye can theoretically distinguish and perceive a range of between 7.5 and 10 million hues, you certainly have plenty of choice. This makes the number of possible colour combinations almost virtually infinite, and makes colour theory an art form in itself. From Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and beyond, to the colour modes of RGB, CMYK, Index, Greyscale, Bitmap, Pantone’s to The Wolfe Tones, it’s something that every creative ends up referring back to. 

However, the starting point for a Ren Creative Works commission, can be either a single colour from the colour wheel, or lifted directly from a high quality and neutrally well lit image. Don’t forget having a few neutral colours is equally important; much like negative space in a composition, this gives the eye a rest and allows for contrast with the main hierarchy colour theme.

Another area to consider; although we didn’t explore in great detail, is the psychology associated with shapes. Shapes, like colour can evoke different meanings and might be useful to consider when deciding on your colours, for example:

  • Rectangles/Squares: Balance and Tradition
  • Circles: Infinity, Protection, and Femininity
  • Triangles: Stability, Energy, and Aggression
  • Rhombus: Vibrant and Contemporary
  • Hexagon: Unity and Balance

Please bear in mind that controlling shape is difficult when producing an acrylic fluid painting.

My acrylic fluid paintings result in one of a kind, original artworks that are not easily duplicated nor mass produced. However, my work is available by special commission and I will endeavour to create a very similar artwork if you have spotted something you like on my website.

Find out how I can help you in obtaining unique and stunning artwork, Request a Free No Obligation Quote or send me a Message via the usual channels. If you have never commissioned Art before and are still unsure, please take a moment to read my testimonials, as they illustrate excellent examples of the services I offer.

I am confident that my artwork will compliment you, your chosen environment and; rest assured, that is my ultimate goal.

I invite you to follow my blog and contact me with any comments, thoughts or suggestions.

Either way, hopefully you now know how to make a statement for your home or workplace with an original Ren Creative Works!

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