This Person Does Not Exist


Have you ever wondered what makes us so unique, or why we sometimes feel as if we do not exist, as if we were an anonymous person? This Person Does Not Exist | Acrylic Painting By Adrian Reynolds

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This Person Does Not Exist

Have you ever wondered what makes us so unique, or why we sometimes feel as if we do not exist, as if we were anonymous? Comparing our own experience to those of others? You may be surprised to find that sometimes it is the very thing that makes us unique that helps us be able to empathise with others. To experience empathy for someone else, and have the ability to feel or share another person’s feelings or emotions. Maybe ponder the sonder and consider that each random passer-by is living a life as vivid and complex as your own, for empathy is what makes us human.

With all this in mind, I have been researching artificial intelligence as a tool to develop new ideas. Specifically, I have been using a free online service that was developed and coded by Karras et al. and Nvidia. An artificial intelligence algorithm called a generative adversarial network (GAN) renders hyper-realistic portraits of completely fake people each time the page is refreshed. With the aim of emphasising the power of A.I.’s ever-increasing power to present as real images that are completely artificial.

Essentially, the this person does not exist website allows you to examine randomly created images of people who do not exist. This was my first attempt to use technology alongside traditional art approaches. Despite the unsettling nature of the results, of only a human face rendered by a machine, the tool’s concept and application fascinate me.

By using the classic quartering technique, much like in seamless surface pattern design, this 4-in-1 painting is secured with high strength Velcro, allowing each quarter to be repositioned easily whenever you want.

I am delighted with the way this box frame turned out for this painting. The hard wood frame has been finished with Danish oil, which enhances the natural beauty of the wood while offering a water-resistant finish. In order to avoid shadows inside the frame, I applied a matte black finish, which also provides contrast around the painting. My custom frames are handmade, and come complete with a simple wall mounting kit.

Features and Benefits

From the Portrait Art Paintings collection, this one-of-a-kind acrylic painting, shows you own something no one else owns. This Person Does Not Exist is guaranteed to make any home, office or workspace feel unique and special.

  • 4-in-1 painting, never get bored looking at the same picture, simply rotate the quarters clockwise or anticlockwise whenever you want.
  • Part coated with ArtResin.
  • Gold Leaf Detailing.
  • Painted on four [4] Windsor and Newton quality deep edge canvases.
  • Custom handmade box frame by the artist.
  • Signed & Dated on the reverse.
  • All artworks are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).
  • I will be donating 10% of this sale to Pieta House. Pieta House provide a professional one-to-one therapeutic service to people who are in suicidal distress, those who engage in self-harm, and those bereaved by suicide. You can find out more about Pieta House here.

I currently offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for this item, and guarantee no additional hidden charges at checkout.

  • This is handmade artwork.
  • This is original artwork.
  • This is unique artwork.
  • This is the only one that exists.

IMPORTANT: Every monitor displays colour differently. If you need more details or photos, please contact me before making a purchase.

Be unique and use your emotional intelligence by ordering this painting now!

Adrian Reynolds, or ‘Ren,’ is a Dublin-based contemporary artist. His works are a reaction to the world around us. A world that continues to evolve quicker than ever. His work investigates colour, form, and texture, putting them at the intersection of abstraction and representation. His art has been shown in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Dimensions 55 × 55 × 5 cm
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