10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in Artwork in 2024

It’s a fact that great artwork can make your office more attractive, boost productivity and even help to increase your bottom line. In this post we’re going to explain why artwork can be a worthwhile; and even necessary, investment for your business.
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10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in Artwork

The value of art in the workplace is vastly underappreciated. When you invest in artwork for the workplace, it can take someone is mind off the monotony and help him or her get into a more productive frame of mind. Everyone, whether or not they are interested in art, can benefit from the positive impact that having some art in the workplace has to offer.

“Making money is art, the work is art, and good business is the best art”, Andy Warhol once said. However, the real question is whether businesses should invest in art for their buildings and offices. While some people may not see the value in buying office art, there are dozens of reasons to invest in art.

Great artwork can make your office more appealing, increase productivity, and even help you increase your bottom line. In this post, we will explain why to invest in artwork can be a worthwhile, even necessary, investment for your company.

Why Is Investing in Artwork Beneficial to Your Business?

Art is a form of communication that can convey messages or emotions to people without the use of words. It allows a company to express itself, experiment with creativity, and demonstrate an understanding of the world around us.

Investing in professional artists artwork for your company can help you build stronger relationships, boost productivity, and make your office more inviting. When a company sets the tone, it is able to communicate its core values to its employees, customers, and suppliers, resulting in a better overall experience.

1) Invest in Artwork: Break the Monotony of Your Walls

In office interior design, art has always been a popular feature. Companies are increasingly incorporating art into their offices as it has been proven to be beneficial time and time again.

Blank white spaces are tedious to look at. Adding art to your walls can help to break up the monotony and add interest to your workspace.

It also serves as a landmark and helps to distinguish certain areas in your office. Offices can often feel like a maze, with everything appearing to be the same. Hanging artwork in specific areas can assist visitors in finding their way around; oh, and take a left at the fantastic Ren Creative Works painting.

The artwork will be far superior to the bland corporate motivational poster “there is no I in team,” which we all know does not work!

2) Invest in Artwork: Gives you Something to Look At

You will inevitably have people waiting in your office.  Why not give them something to admire? Artwork grabs people’s attention, makes your company memorable, and helps you stand out.

For example, I am sure you would prefer to avoid an uninspiring reception or waiting area. Creating an interesting talking point can help to make events less stressful, especially if you have clients or patients who come to meetings or appointments on a regular basis.

Art can provide an interesting alternative backdrop for those dreaded video conferencing sessions as more people work from home or adopt hybrid-working models.

3) Invest in Artwork and Convey Positive Messages

Many people may disagree, but art can be a valuable component of any company. Art can foster feelings of security and bring people together through a shared identity, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

It is critical to present your company in a professional and elegant manner. It communicates to customers, employees, and visitors that you run a first-rate business. Customers will feel more at ease doing business with you as a result of this.

Everyone should strive for class, and it is simple to do with the right artwork. Quality artwork creates a welcoming atmosphere and a pleasant working environment, in addition to sending positive messages about your organisation’s culture.

4) Invest in Artwork: For Psychological Impact

Most people believe that art has a psychological impact on viewers, altering their mood, thought process, and beliefs.

Beautiful things can truly soothe the soul and make us feel good. Whether it is a breathtaking sunset, a breathtaking landscape, or a magnificent work of art. When you install art, you will make your visitors feel good about coming to your office or lobby.

Art is inviting, calming, and charming, and it improves everyone’s quality of life. Setting a tone allows a company to improve communication, convey its core values to customers, and improve their overall experience.

5) Invest in Artwork to Increase Employees Efficiency

Art can help employees work more efficiently because it relaxes them and stimulates their creativity.

Employees do not want to spend their days staring at uninteresting walls, do they? Art in the workplace will brighten the atmosphere and boost morale.

Art has been shown in studies to increase staff productivity as well as reduce anger and stress. You might also consider this when choosing the colour of the walls as well.

Art, in addition to restoring mental energy, improves emotional and physical well-being and makes your business a place where people want to be. When your employees see art in the workplace, they may feel more creative.

A well-designed workplace boosts productivity, makes people happier, and boosts efficiency; adding art is a great way to accomplish this.

“Making money is art, the work is also an art and good business is the best art.”

6) Invest in Artwork: Show You Care

Businesses may be put off by the financial commitment and scheduling challenges associated with art, but they are passing up a great opportunity. As a leader, your credibility can be enhanced by displaying artwork in the workplace.   Furthermore, it validates these values by allowing employees to visually interpret a company’s culture.

Artwork adds a human element to the environment, making it more welcoming. Do you take any other steps to show your employees how much you appreciate them if you do not have art in your office? Are you willing to spend money to make their workspace more appealing? 

Companies of all sizes can improve their performance and brand image by acquiring and building an art collection. Being socially accountable to oneself and one’s stakeholders, as well as caring enough about one’s community to invest in it, is widely recognised as an essential component of any organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan.

Additionally, studies have found that allowing employees to submit and share ideas when choosing to invest in artwork can enhance their sense of control. As a result, they gain a sense of agency that can help boost their performance and improve workplace relationships. This can attract and improve employee retention, by making the business a desirable employer.

7) Invest in Artwork: It Can Be Lucrative 

Artwork grows in value over time and can become a valuable asset. If you invest in artwork, you may be able to reap great benefits in the future. If you ever find yourself in trouble, simply sell your artwork!

Aside from that, purchasing art can help you save money on your taxes. Did you know that you can qualify for certain tax breaks by purchasing art, and that it can even be written off as a business asset? Discuss this with your accountant.

An art buyer in Ireland, for example, can deduct the cost of an artwork from his or her tax bill if the artwork is displayed in a public place. Canteens, reception areas, and common access meeting rooms are all suitable locations.

Creating a company art collection is a very tax-efficient investment. The annual wear and tear allowance on this capital expenditure is 12.5% per year at the time of writing, so the majority of the purchase price can be recovered.

When compared to typical capital investments made by any business, such as a photocopier or audio-visual equipment, which will lose value over time, your original artwork may actually increase in value.  As a result, your business recoups the expenditure of artwork, in addition to any other tax allowances. 

Maybe it is time to take a look into art as an alternative investments opportunity!

8) Invest in Artwork: Make your Office or Building More Attractive

There are numerous advantages to having art in your office. Art can create a relaxing environment in the workplace that encourages creativity and collaboration. Art is an excellent way to decorate and enliven a space.

Offices can often appear to be a maze of desks, hallways, and doors. Our brains are capable of easily remembering environmental features that serve as landmarks, allowing us to recall our journey through a workplace. It is also helpful when giving directions, especially to visitors or new employees.

Let us face it: most buildings and offices are hideous. In fact, many of them are monstrously ugly. You can make the space more appealing by hanging art. Your customers and employees will appreciate it. After all, the physical space in which you work can have a significant impact on your success. 

No one wants to work in an ugly or depressing environment, and art can help to alleviate this. You can decorate your office in a variety of ways.

9) Invest in Artwork: Remain Humble & Non-Elitist

Only businesses on the rise can afford art. Having art on your walls communicates to the outside world that your company is successful (or at least that you are on your way to being successful). Furthermore, art helps to convey positive messages about your company. Art, like ergonomically comfortable office furniture, should be considered a necessity for your company.

Through art, you can gain an understanding of the social, economic, and political aesthetics of the world. This is a good inspirational fit for businesses that are constantly coming up with new ideas for clients and reacting to what is happening in the world.

People who look at art are not necessarily more creative as a result, but it does engage them on a more intellectual level in discussions about global innovation.

10) Invest in Artwork: As it is Impressive

Fantastic art is always impressive. Remember, first impressions are everything, and art can be a huge factor in getting clients to notice and say wow! The right art will always impress people and give them something to talk about. Art should be enjoyed by everyone, whether it is your employees, customers, or even the cleaning lady.

The bottom line is that having art in one’s office should be a goal for everyone. Although investing is an art in itself, art can end up being a sound investment that is actually less expensive than you might think. It makes no difference what kind of business you have.

How to Improve your Company Image

Art is an excellent way to make your business and office environment more inviting and creative. It can also assist you in creating a more productive workplace and really help improve an organisations image.

You can decorate any type of office space with a variety of different types of art. Before making a decision, think about the size, shape, and colour of the artwork.

The most important question you should consider is what kind of message you want to send with the art you select.

Art is a perfect way to communicate your company’s culture and values. It is also a great way to make your workplace more welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

There are many different types of artwork to choose from, but it is important to consider which one will best represent your company’s culture and values.

If your company is artsy, for example, you might want to have paintings or sculptures in the office. Perhaps some office-appropriate artwork, such as a clean cut graffiti style or a modern sleek design, if you were a tech company.

Understanding your business objectives and alignment with your company’s culture is critical before finalising anything. You must avoid alienating your target audience at all costs.

How to Begin Investing in Art?

Art investing has long been considered a prestigious and lucrative venture. Yet it is often perceived as a privilege reserved for the wealthy and elite. In reality, anyone can learn how to invest in artwork with the right knowledge and approach. As a form of personal expression, art has evolved into a valuable asset class that can provide financial returns and aesthetic value.

The workplace is one area where art investment is gaining traction. Businesses are recognising the benefits of art for their employees’ well-being, creativity, and productivity. A company can foster innovation by incorporating carefully selected artwork into their office spaces.

Furthermore, businesses themselves can benefit from investing in art. In corporate settings, artwork enhances the visual appeal of the space while reflecting the company’s culture and values. Additionally, acquiring artwork by emerging or established artists can yield significant returns over time.

I can provide practical guidance on how to make informed decisions when entering this exciting world of investment opportunities. This includes understanding different types of artwork and navigating auctions and galleries.

Whether you are an aspiring collector looking to start your own personal art collection or a business owner seeking to enhance your workplace environment through curated artworks, I can equip you with the knowledge needed to embark on your art investment journey confidently.

What Kinds of Artwork Are Available for Businesses?

Artwork is an excellent way to make your office feel more welcoming and creative. It is also a good way to show off your company’s culture.

Paintings, murals, sculptures, and photographs are just a few examples of the various types of artwork available. You can also commission an artist to create bespoke artwork for your office or business.

How to Locate and Hire an Artist for Your Requirements

Artists can help make your office space more lively and creative. They can assist you in creating a more welcoming environment for your employees and customers.

There are numerous options for finding an artist for your office space. You can locate them online, through referrals, or by asking around the community.

Before beginning any work, most reputable artists will have some kind of agreement in place, as this will determine the specifications and manage the expectations for the finished piece.

10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in Artwork Blog Post by Adrian Reynolds

Conclusion: The Tangible Benefits of Workplace Art

I hope this blog post has shed some light on the significance of having artwork in your business.

Art can be crucial to your success no matter what type of business you are in, whether you are an accountant, lawyer, or doctor. It also does not have to be expensive. Furthermore, you will be assisting Irish artists, which is a wonderful thing to do!

Ren Creative Works specialises in commercial art for businesses, offices, and other commercial buildings. You can hire me to create appropriate artwork for your company or your employees if they work from home.

It would be fantastic if you could incorporate artwork into your office, or at the very least think about it when designing your next workspace. If this article has got you thinking, you might like to read this post for more information on starting an artwork collection.

I am always thrilled when one of my posts can provide useful information on a subject like this!

I invite you to get in contact with me right away to learn how your company can aquire artwork to invest in.

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The time you spent reading this blog is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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