Additional Information

Additional Information – Certificate of Authenticity 

  • The certificate is the foremost document in determining an artwork’s provenance, declaring that the work was indeed created by me. It also can act as a receipt and record of sale between the artist and the client. 

  • Who knows, you might need this paperwork in the future if you decide to donate or resell the art work!

Additional Information – Special Instructions

  • Some artworks have a signature & date on the reverse, allowing the owner to hang the paintings in different orientations at their discretion. (Quality picture hanging brass wire, d-rings, screws and a picture hanger with nail are included).

  • If you are unsure about your picture hanging capabilities, I recommend contacting a Picture Hanging Professional for more assistance.

  • Artwork should be displayed away from direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting, as these can fade the otherwise permanent colours. Artwork should not be hung in a bathroom or other high-humidity areas.

  • Artwork should be dusted lightly with a lint-free cloth or vacuumed lightly, and then cleaned by wiping the canvas gently with a damp (water only) microfiber cloth.

Additional Information – Copyright © by Adrian Reynolds

  • All rights reserved by the artist. Any and all publishing and/or reproduction rights are reserved solely by the artist. The images of my artwork are not to be re-distributed, copied, imitated or misappropriated without written consent of the artist. Reselling of the artwork is, of course, permitted.

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