Additional Information

Additional Information – Certificate of Authenticity 

All artworks are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). 

The certificate is the foremost document in determining an artwork’s provenance, declaring that the work was indeed created by me. It also can act as a receipt and record of sale between the artist and the client. 

Who knows, you might need this paperwork if you decide to resell or donate the work in the future!
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Additional Information – Special Instructions

The artwork is signed & dated on the reverse, to allow the painting to be hung in different orientations at the owner’s discretion. (Quality picture hanging brass wire, d-rings, screws and a picture hanger with nail are included).

If you are not confident in your picture hanging abilities, I recommend contacting a Picture Hanging Professional to assist you further.

The artwork should be displayed away from direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting, as they can fade the otherwise permanent colours. Do not hang in a bathroom or other area of high humidity.

The artwork can be dusted with a lint-free cloth or vacuumed lightly, and then cleaned by gently wiping the canvas with a damp (water only) microfiber cloth.

Additional Information – Copyright © by Adrian Reynolds

All rights reserved by the artist. Any and all publishing and/or reproduction rights are reserved solely by the artist. The images of my artwork are not to be re-distributed, copied, imitated or misappropriated without written consent of the artist. Reselling of the artwork is, of course, permitted.