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Born in pre-Brexitannia, Luton, England, of both English and Irish heritage, ‘actively over-under achieving in procrastination‘ and fighting off ‘delusions of grandeur’ since 1975, Adrian Reynolds ‘Ren’ is a contemporary Artist/Designer based in Dublin, Ireland.

Artist Statement

I create art through the lens of observation, drawing inspiration from both the natural world and artificial constructs. My creative process encompasses a wide spectrum, from intricate five-centimetre sketches in ballpoint pen to expansive paintings spanning over five feet. Each piece evolves through a dynamic interplay of observation and radical revision.

My artworks serve as tangible reflections of my efforts to convey and interpret the world around me. By delving into the juxtaposition of the inevitability of ageing and the mundane realm of daytime television, I draw upon a diverse range of influences, including the Bauhaus movement and Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. These influences converge to create narratives that oscillate between order and chaos, capturing the essence of sustained observation

Adrian Reynolds ‘Ren’, a Dublin-based Irish contemporary artist, endeavours to encapsulate the ever-evolving world in his paintings. His artistic exploration revolves around colour, form, and texture, blurring the lines between abstraction and representation. Ren’s works have garnered recognition in exhibitions across Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States, showcasing his unique artistic perspective.

Artist Biography

This educational path equipped him with a rich visual vocabulary encompassing materials, techniques, language, concepts, and processes essential for creating and contemplating art. Adrian’s proficiency in a wide array of traditional fine art skills is a testament to his experience and versatility.

For Adrian, painting and drawing are more than mere activities; they represent a continuous voyage of self-expression. He views the canvas as his ‘brush and paper,’ aiming to craft pieces of enduring significance through a blend of expertise and insight. His artistic methodology is rooted in fundamental principles such as reverence for materials, mastery of traditional craft skills, personal expression, and ongoing self-improvement.

What propels Adrian forward is an unquenchable thirst to maximise his artistic potential, perpetually seeking growth and refinement. This relentless pursuit grants him the freedom to articulate emotions and thoughts beyond verbal communication. The act of translating his innermost feelings onto canvas through painting is both exhilarating and enlightening for him.

The creative process is where Adrian finds solace and a profound connection with his creations, providing him with a therapeutic outlet for self-expression.

Reflecting on his initial attraction to art, Adrian realised that it wasn’t solely about the prospect of turning professional or the allure of selling his work. Instead, it was the promise of boundless freedom, untapped potential, and inherent joy that art offered that captivated him.

Design Background

Adrian’s venture into the realm of design commenced at Wolverhampton University, where he obtained a BA Hons in Three-Dimensional Design—Ceramics in 1996. His academic pursuit also encompassed a comprehensive study of twentieth-century design trends. This educational journey not only honed his skills but also broadened his understanding of the artistic landscape.

During his time at the university, Adrian delved into the intricacies of both studio and industrial ceramic techniques. From the art of throwing and printing to mould making, slip casting, hand building, chemical-based glaze exploration, and firing methods, he immersed himself in a diverse array of skills crucial to the ceramic craft.

Adrian’s ceramic creations have graced the esteemed halls of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, where his works were showcased under the pseudonym ‘G.Laze,’ also known as Glaze. This recognition at such a renowned institution stands as a testament to his artistry and innovation in the realm of ceramics.


Adrian’s artistic journey was shaped by his early exposure to art as well as his family members’ creative endeavours. As he delved deeper into the realm of art and its rich history, his fascination with ceramics began to blossom.

Adrian’s draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources. Among the diverse array of figures that have left an indelible mark on his artistic sensibilities are the groundbreaking Bauhaus movement, the surrealistic genius Salvador Dalí, the legendary industrial designer Raymond Loewy, the beloved TV personality Tony Hart, the poet and performer John Hegley, the enigmatic Don Van Vilet, the visionary artist Ed Roth, the irreverent humorist Spike Milligan, and the contemporary art provocateur Grayson Perry.

Each of these influences has contributed in unique ways to Adrian’s artistic evolution, infusing his work with a tapestry of styles, ideas, and perspectives. To delve deeper into the profound impact of these influential figures on Adrian’s artistry, explore the accompanying article for a more in-depth exploration.


Following a period of uncertainty marked by a lack of financial resources and life experience, Adrian found himself at a crossroads. Unable to pursue further studies at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London, he embarked on a somewhat unexpected path—venturing into ‘premature mid-life crisis’ territory by undergoing ‘Art’ teacher training at Reading University. Despite the challenges posed by this unconventional detour, Adrian emerged with valuable insights, having navigated the rigours of a demanding profession that demands unwavering dedication.

Having surpassed the odds and gained a unique perspective from the experience, Adrian transitioned into a new chapter of his career. He delved into the realms of artwork, reprographics, and graphic design, securing roles with major multinational consumer goods corporations. Through these roles, he honed his expertise in various facets of computer-based design, specialising in creating logos, stationery, packaging, print-ready artwork, and the intricate art of photo retouching and manipulation. These skills remain a cornerstone of his artistic repertoire, reflecting his commitment to excellence in design.

Identifying himself as a European with a penchant for internationalism, Adrian’s journey has taken him across multiple locations, each contributing to his rich tapestry of experiences. His professional endeavours have spanned diverse landscapes, including a stint at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) in Seattle, WA. Embracing a philosophy that views travel as the ultimate form of education and enlightenment, Adrian continues to seek inspiration from his encounters with different cultures and environments.


Adrian is currently immersed in a realm of artistic experimentation, exploring a diverse array of techniques that push the boundaries of his creativity. From the captivating realm of acrylic fluid art and poured paintings, where relinquishing control during the creative process poses unique challenges, to the meticulous precision demanded by airbrushing, Adrian navigates a spectrum of artistic endeavours with finesse and innovation.

In a world where the pursuit of control reigns supreme, Adrian’s artistic journey serves as a poignant reflection on the complexities of human nature. Amidst the perpetual struggle for control that defines our existence, he embraces a philosophy that advocates surrendering to the unpredictable forces that shape our lives. By relinquishing the need for absolute control, Adrian delves into uncharted territories of creativity, unearthing a realm where luck, chance, and experimentation converge to yield unexpected and extraordinary results.

The essence of acrylic fluid painting lies in its ability to liberate the artist from the constraints of control, fostering an environment where randomness and serendipity reign supreme. Through this process, Adrian transcends conventional artistic boundaries, crafting abstract masterpieces that embody the essence of spontaneity and unpredictability.

While the medium may differ, the spirit of experimentation inherent in acrylic fluid painting resonates deeply with Adrian’s ceramic endeavors. Drawing parallels to the meticulous craft of crystalline glaze application in ceramics, he channels a similar dedication to precision and artistry in his creative pursuits. By seamlessly blending diverse materials, techniques, concepts, and subjects, Adrian continually pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, fostering a dynamic and innovative approach that breathes life into his work.


For artists, exhibitions serve as a vital platform to showcase their creations to a wider audience, providing a gateway to recognition and appreciation. Adrian’s artistic journey has seen him grace the halls of several prestigious venues, each exhibition marking a milestone in his eclectic career.

  • “Between You and Me” (August 2020–June 2021) Contemporary Irish Arts Centre Los Angeles (CIACLA) A testament to Adrian’s artistic prowess, this exhibition at CIACLA served as a captivating exploration of his creative vision, offering viewers a glimpse into the depth and intricacy of his work.
  • Art in Clay” (1996) Hatfield House, UK An early milestone in Adrian’s artistic trajectory, the “Art in Clay” exhibition in 1996 provided a platform for him to showcase his burgeoning talent and establish his presence in the world of ceramics.
  • “NACHE Ceramic Contemporaries 2” (1996) Victoria & Albert Museum, London. A prestigious showcase at the renowned Victoria & Albert Museum, this exhibition underscored Adrian’s artistic finesse and innovation within the realm of ceramics, solidifying his position among contemporary ceramic luminaries.

With each exhibition, Adrian’s artistic narrative unfolds, weaving a tapestry of creativity, innovation, and passion that resonates with audiences worldwide. Through these significant showcases, he continues to leave an indelible mark on the artistic landscape, captivating viewers with his unique perspective and profound artistic vision.

Charitable Work

Adrian’s artistic endeavours embody the spirit of altruism, which is motivated by a great sense of social duty and a deep dedication to communal welfare.

With a steadfast belief in the power of giving back, he actively engages in charitable initiatives aimed at fostering positive change and making a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

As his artistic journey unfolds, Adrian aspires to amplify his involvement in charitable work, leveraging his creativity and passion to support noble causes and uplift those in need.

Through his charitable engagements, Adrian embodies the transformative power of art in creating positive change and fostering a more compassionate and inclusive society. As he continues to intertwine his artistic journey with acts of kindness and generosity, he exemplifies the true essence of artistry—a force for good that transcends boundaries and uplifts humanity.

Articles and Features

Delving into an artist’s thoughts and insights through their writings or interviews offers a profound glimpse into the essence of their creative journey. Adrian’s artistic narrative has been enhanced by opportunities to share ideas and experiences through a variety of publications, which have enabled him to connect with diverse audiences and share the inspiration behind his work. 

Noteworthy Publications:

  • Explore Acrylic Painting.com (May 2021): A compelling exploration of Adrian’s artistic process and vision, his feature on Explore Acrylic Painting.com provides a captivating window into the world of acrylic painting. Through this publication, he invites readers to delve deeper into his artistic techniques and creative inspirations, fostering a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of his craft.
  • 10 Amazing Resin Artists—Series 2 (April 2021): ArtResin shines a spotlight on Adrian as one of the ten remarkable resin artists in Series 2, celebrating his innovative approach to the medium and the unique beauty he infuses into his resin creations. This feature not only showcases his artistic talent but also positions him among the trailblazers in the world of resin art.
  • Artist Spotlight: How Art Aids Home Staging (March 2021): The Home Staging Association recognises Adrian’s contribution to the intersection of art and home staging, shedding light on how his artistry enhances and elevates living spaces. Through this spotlight, his work is showcased as a transformative element that brings a touch of artistry and sophistication to the realm of home decor.
  • ‘Green Friday’ (November 21, 2020): The Irish Daily Mail features Adrian in a special highlight, ‘Green Friday,’ offering readers a glimpse into his artistic endeavours and the impact of his work on the artistic landscape. This publication serves as a testament to his creative ingenuity and the recognition he has garnered within the artistic community.

Through these diverse publications and features, Adrian’s artistic legacy continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, inviting them to explore the profound beauty and artistry that define his creations. As his work is celebrated and showcased in various forums, his influence as an artist grows, inspiring others to embrace the transformative power of art in enriching lives and sparking creativity.

Current Life

At the heart of Adrian’s existence lies a deep-seated passion for creativity, intertwining artistry with purpose in every facet of his life. With a track record of fulfilling artistic commissions, he finds immense joy in turning his clients’ visual aspirations into tangible realities, breathing life into their dreams through his unparalleled artistic vision.

Key Engagements and Memberships:

Visual Artists Ireland (VAI): As a dedicated member of Visual Artists Ireland, Adrian stands at the forefront of Ireland’s professional visual arts community, championing artistic excellence and advocacy for visual artists across the nation. Through his involvement in VAI, he contributes to a vibrant artistic landscape that celebrates creativity and innovation.

Professional Member of VAI Visual Artists Ireland
Adrian Reynolds Creator Profile at DecoArt

DecoArt Maker Programme: Adrian’s affiliation with the DecoArt Maker programme underscores his commitment to fostering online communities and engaging with fellow makers in the realms of DIY, craft, and art. Through this collaborative platform, he shares his expertise, insights, and creative endeavours, contributing to a dynamic community that nurtures artistic expression and innovation.

Amidst life’s unpredictable ebbs and flows, Adrian embarks on a transformative journey—one that sees him reigniting his creative spark and setting a profound artistic example for his daughter. He is dedicated to nurturing his creative output and inspiring future generations through his artistic legacy.

Residing in the vibrant city of Dublin, Ireland, Adrian finds solace and inspiration in the company of his loved ones, sharing his home with Dee and Piya the Greyhound. Together, they form a harmonious backdrop against which Adrian’s artistic journey unfolds, weaving a tapestry of creativity, love, and boundless possibility that defines his current life’s narrative.

You can get in contact or connect with Adrian via the usual social media platforms: FacebookInstagram, PinterestTwitter, LinkedIn or You Tube.

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