Commission Art: Ordering Process, Terms & Conditions

What is an Art Commission?

To commission art is an unique way to have art created specifically for you. Requests for art commissions are accepted all year round.

If you want to commission art for commercial use or an original piece for your home, office, shop, or workplace, you can easily start the process to commission art online.

If you need a specific color to match your décor, size, or finish, I will work with you to determine what will work best for your needs. The attention to detail remains the same whether the art commissions are for residential or commercial use.

Why Commission an Artist?

The most common reason to commission someone, or rather commission an artist, is to commemorate a special occasion, celebrate someone’s life, or to capture a moment in time.

Maybe you are looking for a completely unique personalised gift for a special occasion. Perhaps you have a special day or event coming up, such as a birthday, wedding, or retirement?

If so, a Ren Creative Works bespoke/custom artwork may be just what you are looking for!

Art in the places where you live, work, and play can be extremely uplifting and energising. There is a way for you to purchase commissioned artworks at an affordable price, no matter where you live.

Get One of a Kind, Original Artworks

My painting technique produces one-of-a-kind, original artworks that are difficult to replicate.

You can, however, commission art, which is available by special request. For example, if you see something you like on my website, I will try to create a very similar custom artwork for you.

What Should You Consider Before Commissioning Art?

Prior to commissioning art, consider the work’s purpose, size and medium, budget, and timeline.

For example, when selecting colours for a painting, consider the overall appearance of the room.

But do not worry; if you need any assistance, I am here to help.

What are the Costs of Commissioning Art?

It is critical to manage expectations throughout the process in order to achieve the best results.

Because each commission is unique, it is nearly impossible to price accurately unless I know what my clients want.

Art commission prices and time requirements will vary depending on your needs, such as:

  • Size;
  • Level of detail and complexity;
  • Finish (varnish, resin or coloured resin layers);
  • Framed or Unframed.

Request Your Free No Obligation Quote

'Carotene Synthesis' Commission 2020 | By Adrian Reynolds
'Carotene Synthesis' Commissioned Artwork
Commission Art | '79-Auroras-of-Aurum' Commissioned Artwork 2022 | By Adrian Reynolds
'79 Auroras of Aurum' Commissioned Artwork

How Long Do Art Commissions Take?

If I am working on a larger piece or one with a high level of detail, complexity and skill level needed, the turnaround time will increase. My process is dependent on the paint/varnish/resin drying and curing correctly, and I will not risk my reputation on rushing my artwork.

I cannot in good conscience, take full payment for art commissions, but I do request a fifty percent [50%] deposit to hold the next available commission spot.

You can be assured that I will always keep in touch with you and keep you up to date on everything that is being worked on, from the beginning to the end. I will make every effort to respond to all inquiries within twenty four [24] hours.

Furthermore, I believe that listening to the needs of each client is critical in order for me to tailor my services to the expectations of each client.

Ultimately, I want you to be part of this experience and creative journey.

How to Commission My Art?

Now you have found this website for art commissions. Please use the contact form on this page if you would like a free, no-obligation quote for a piece of Adrian Reynolds‘ art.

Alternatively, you can email me, via the Contact page, and let me know how much you wish to spend, and I will make every effort to tailor something that suits your budget.

Please allow a minimum period of at least thirty [30] days. I only ship once the artwork is completely finished, and only buy if you agree to the stated time frame. All items include Free Shipping Worldwide delivered right to your doorstep and are fully insured.

Shop Policy Free Shipping Worldwide Graphic at Ren Creative Works


  1.  For Commissions and Bespoke Custom orders, please complete the ‘Request a Free No Obligation Quote’ form clearly outlining your requirements.

  2. I will email you a Client Sales Quote detailing the sizing and price of the Art which includes Free Shipping Worldwide. If you would like to collect your art from me in Dublin, (IRE), please let me know.

  3. A fifty percent [50%] deposit will hold the next available commission spot.

  4. Once I receive the deposit for a Commission/Bespoke Custom order, I will start the process.

  5. I will then contact you so we can discuss colours and which aspects of my art that draws you in. You may wish to send me a photograph of where you intend to display the artwork, from this, I can explore and generate colour palette options. Through our discussion I can start the right piece of art to create for you.

  6. If you would like, I will send you a progress picture. You will have the opportunity at this stage to recommend minor adjustments or changes within reason, with a maximum of two [2] requests to develop the artwork more to your personal preference.

  7. I will send you a picture of the artwork once it’s completely finished, and then you send the final fifty percent [50%] payment. Upon receipt of payment, the artwork is then professionally packaged ready for collection or shipped to you with care.
  1. In these Terms and Conditions you are hereinafter referred to as the Client, and Adrian Reynolds, is hereinafter called the Artist. The Client commissions the artist and the Artist accepts the commission to provide artwork for the fee, as mutually agreed and shown in the Client Quote subject to these Terms and Conditions.

  2. A fifty percent [50%] booking deposit, of the amount specified in the Client Sales Quote, must be submitted with a copy of the Client Quote.

  3. The balance of the fee as specified on the Client Sales Quote, should be paid on completion.

  4. The total fee quoted is in respect of the artist providing artwork as per prior agreement with Artist.  All specifications i.e. size, colour palette, level of detail and complexity, finish (varnish, resin or coloured resin layers), framed or unframed etc. are to be agreed with the Artist before the artwork process begins.

  5. If requested, the Artist will email the Client a copyrighted progress picture of the artwork before completion.

  6. The Client will have the opportunity at this stage to recommend minor adjustments or changes within reason. The Artist will accept a maximum of two [2] requests to change the artwork.

  7. Other than stated at (6), if the Client requests a change surpassing the original detailed brief, an additional charge of up to a maximum of fifty percent [50%] of the total client quote shall be incurred.

  8. In the event of cancellation of the commission by the Client, a cancellation fee will be made on the following basis:
    1. Cancellation advised in writing, received before the Artist commences the artwork will lead to a full refund of the booking deposit, (subject to a small administrative fee which will be deducted from your cancellation refund).
    2. Cancellation advised in writing, received after the Artist commences the artwork will lead to the loss of deposit.

  9. The Artist shall be entitled to terminate this contract without liability, if for any reason beyond his control the Artist is unable to provide the commissioned artwork due to illness. The Artist will use all reasonable endeavours to locate a replacement Artist, on agreement with the Client, but failing to do so will refund all monies paid, but this will be the limit of our liability.

  10. The Artist reserves the right to use the artwork for self-promotion material in the form of banners, flyers, samples, social media, website etc, but will use these appropriate to the commission.
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