Motivational & Emotional Benefits via Art Commissions

Here we are going to focus on some of the reasons why you should consider commissioning art. We also explore how you can gain motivational and emotional benefits by doing so.
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  • Unlock your creativity and witness the transformative power of art commissions.
  • Immerse yourself in a unique emotional journey tailored to your needs and desires.
  • Experience the joy of owning a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects your personal story and enhances your living space.

Introduction: Liven Up Your Space and Lift Your Mood with Commissioned Art

Imagine a piece of art that speaks directly to you. It reflects your style, ignites joy, and perfectly complements your space. Commissioned art makes this vision a reality. Unlike buying generic artwork, commissioned pieces are custom-made to your tastes, offering a wealth of practical and emotional advantages. 

This article delves into the emotional benefits of commissioned art, exploring how it can spark creativity, boost your well-being, and transform any environment. Get ready to discover how commissioned art can bring your home, office, or any space to life!

What is Commissioned Artwork?

Throughout history, people of authority and wealth have commissioned art, often for public display. These works served various purposes, from showcasing power and riches to promoting specific ideas. 

For instance, many grand architectural projects in ancient Egypt, China, and Rome were commissioned to display the grandeur of the ruling class. The Italian Renaissance of the 15th and 16th centuries is another prime example.

Commissioning an artwork allows you to be directly involved in the creative process. The final result is a one-of-a-kind piece tailored to your preferences.

Emotional Benefits & Well-Being

Art is a powerful form of visual expression that can be remarkably therapeutic. Whether you’re viewing art or creating it yourself, it offers a range of emotional and motivational benefits. Art can soothe and calm the mind, providing more than just relaxation and enjoyment. 

Studies show that creative expression can promote healing and mental well-being, acting as a proven treatment for anxiety, stress, and depression. Beyond its health benefits, art can simply brighten your day. A commissioned piece can add a refreshing touch to any space and become a true focal point in your home.

'Carotene Synthesis' Commission 2020 | By Adrian Reynolds
'Carotene Synthesis', Commission 2020, Adrian Reynolds

Art: A Window to Emotional Well-Being

Art offers a surprising therapeutic benefit—you don’t need a therapist to experience it! From vibrant colours to abstract forms, art captures our attention. It’s a powerful form of expression, but you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy it.

Commissioning art allows you to express yourself indirectly. An artist can translate your feelings into a poetic visual, which you can then share with others. Art lets you experience beauty without creating it yourself. It can be your emotional reflection, a source of inspiration, or simply a symbol of your experiences. Appreciation, not creation, is all that’s required.

The Power of Beauty: Motivation and More

Art enriches our lives by boosting creativity and emotional resilience. It showcases beauty, both raw and refined, with a unique emotional pull. Art encourages viewers to see the positive and can be incredibly relatable. In a workplace or home, art’s aesthetic appeal enhances the space and uplifts the mood of those who see it. 

Studies even suggest art reduces stress by prompting us to view challenges from a fresh perspective. Commissioned art can be strategically placed to match a space’s theme or to convey a specific message to viewers.

Spark Your Creativity

Creative thinking is crucial in our lives, and art itself is a form of innovative expression. But did you know art can also boost your creativity? Each brushstroke and colour in a painting can spark a new perspective. 

Art may even help prevent memory loss and improve mental fitness. Research suggests mental decline often stems from reduced communication between brain cells, not cell death. Art provides unique psycho emotional benefits, and a healthy way to exercise your brain, prompting you to see a beautiful portrait in countless ways.

Commissioned art offers a more specific and sophisticated approach compared to generic artwork. It serves a purpose and allows you to creatively convey a message with a specific context in mind. So, invest in art that speaks volumes through its beauty and abstraction.

Commissioned Art: A Reflection of Your Emotions

Research by Dr. Gernot Gerger highlights the emotional connection between art and viewers. Art reflects emotions and can even evoke them in the observer. This makes commissioned art particularly captivating.

Imagine adorning your commercial space or home with art that reflects your values and uplifts those around you. Commissioned pieces allow you to do just that.

Want to boost employee morale or create a welcoming atmosphere for guests? Choose artwork with bright colours and inspiring themes. These elements are known to trigger the release of dopamine, a feel-good hormone that promotes motivation and focus.

By commissioning art that inspires and uplifts, you can create a space that reflects your personality and leaves a lasting impression.

Art Therapy: A Path to Healing

Artistic outlets for emotional well-being, such as, art therapy has been shown to benefit people with various disorders and disabilities. Studies suggest that simply viewing art can improve mental and even physical symptoms.

Commissioned art can play a powerful role in this process. Imagine a piece that reflects feelings of hope and resilience, specifically chosen to uplift someone struggling with PTSD.

Art can be a meaningful gift, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. By commissioning a piece that reflects positive emotions, you can create a haven of peace and well-being in any space.

Art for Specific Needs

Commissioned art isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The beauty lies in its ability to be tailored to your specific needs and desired atmosphere. Here are just a few examples:

These are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using commissioned art to address your specific needs and create a truly unique space.

Commissioned Art: A Tailored Experience

Art’s power to evoke emotions is well documented. Studies show some of the emotional benefits of viewing art activates the same brain region associated with love, fostering feelings of tolerance, happiness, and connection.

Bespoke Art: Invest in Emotional Well-Being

Imagine owning a unique artwork tailored to your preferences and bursting with personality. Commissioned art, also known as bespoke art, offers this and more.

Emotional Connection and Resilience

Art’s impact goes beyond aesthetics. It can significantly boost emotional well-being. Commissioned pieces, with their unique stories and details, can spark new connections in your brain, a process called neuroplasticity. This can enhance communication and foster emotional resilience.

A Space That Reflects You

Art creates a dialogue—with viewers and within your own mind. For example, an abstract painting commission lets you convey a specific message, reflecting your values and personality. Studies also suggest art can reduce anxiety and depression, creating a more calming and revitalising space, whether in your home or workplace.

Tailored to Your Emotions

While beautiful art is universally appealing, a commissioned piece offers a deeper connection. It becomes an investment in your emotional well-being, fostering positive feelings, and bringing your space to life.

A Personalised Art Experience

Commissioned art goes beyond aesthetics. It allows you to create a bespoke experience for viewers. Imagine a vibrant piece that leaves a lasting impression and sparks conversation—a unique addition to any space.

Invest in Yourself and Your Space with Commissioned Art

Art offers more than just aesthetics; it can significantly enhance your well-being and become a lasting investment. Unlike technology, which has a short lifespan, commissioned art endures as a timeless treasure. Owning a unique piece not only adds value and originality to your space, but it can also potentially appreciate in value over time.

But the true power of commissioned art lies in its ability to transform your environment. Imagine a piece that reflects your personality, sparks creativity, and uplifts your mood every time you see it. A commissioned bespoke home decor artwork can breathe new life into your space, creating a personalised and inspiring atmosphere for you and those around you.

Transform Every Space

Commissioned art isn’t just for personal enjoyment; it can strategically enhance a variety of environments.

  • Turning Heads at Home: Considering selling your property? Commissioned art can be a powerful tool. Carefully chosen pieces can spark conversation, create emotional connections with potential buyers, and leave a lasting positive impression.
  • Boosting Your Business: Similar to homeowners, businesses can leverage the power of commissioned art to cultivate a sophisticated and visually appealing brand identity. A strategically chosen piece in your reception area can grab attention, draw in potential customers, and boost foot traffic.
Commission Art | '79-Auroras-of-Aurum' Commissioned Artwork 2022 | By Adrian Reynolds
'79-Auroras-of-Aurum', Commission 2022, Adrian Reynolds

Art: A Catalyst for Conversation and Creativity

Art adds a touch of originality and modernism to any space, showcasing the extra effort put into its design. Commissioned art, in particular, serves as a conversation starter, sparking creative thinking and encouraging dialogue.

Art in the Workplace: A Spark of Inspiration

Beyond aesthetics, art in the office unlocks employees’ creative potential. It provides a break from routine and a source of mental stimulation, leading to more effective work.

Imagine a vibrant commissioned piece hanging in a brainstorming room, inspiring fresh ideas and collaboration.

  • Boosting Morale and Employee Well-Being: Bare, white walls can create a gloomy atmosphere. Commissioned art combats this by enhancing the office’s aesthetics and fostering a more positive and comfortable work environment for everyone.
  • Enhancing the Client and Employee Experience: Commissioned pieces can be strategically placed throughout the office to create designated areas for client meetings, brainstorming sessions, or waiting areas. This not only uplifts the overall ambiance but also inspires both employees and clients.
  • Art as a Memorable Customer Experience: The customer experience is key. Commissioned art can enhance this by creating a visually engaging space that allows customers to explore and be inspired by your products or brand identity. Imagine a commissioned piece that complements your product line, showcasing your offerings in the best possible light.

The Practical Side of Commissioning Art

Ready to bring your commissioned art vision to life? Here’s a quick overview of the process:

  • Finding Your Perfect Match: The first step is to discover an artist whose style resonates with you. Online platforms and artist communities are great resources for browsing portfolios.
  • The Commissioning Journey: Once you’ve chosen an artist, discuss your vision and preferences. Most artists offer a clear commission process, outlining communication methods, timelines, and payment structures.
  • Peace of Mind with a Contract: A formal agreement protects both you and the artist. It should detail the artwork specifications, timeline, and payment schedule. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and ensure you’re comfortable with the terms before signing.

For a more in-depth look at my commissioning process, you can find out more here.

The Gift of Art: A Unique and Thoughtful Present

A commissioned artwork is a truly unique and personal gift. Unlike mass-produced items, it reflects the giver’s thoughtfulness and creates a lasting impression on the recipient.

This special piece can serve as a constant reminder of the giver’s affection and appreciation, offering a timeless treasure that holds its value over time.

Gain Motivational and Emotional Benefits Blog Post by Adrian Reynolds

Conclusion: The Power of Commissioned Art

Art enriches our lives by sparking joy, uplifting our spirits, and inspiring new perspectives.
It is not just these emotional benefits, commissioned art takes these benefits a step further, allowing you to create a space that reflects your personality, values, and potentially becomes a cherished part of your legacy.

Imagine a space that:

  • Fosters conversation and creativity.
  • Uplifts employee morale and well-being.
  • Creates a memorable experience for clients.
  • Reflects your brand identity.

Ready to unlock the power of commissioned art?
Contact me today to discuss your vision and explore how I can create a unique piece that transforms your space.

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