Blank Space, Waste of Space, Outer Space


Blank Space, Waste of Space, Outer Space Original Acrylic Fluid Painting & Airbrush detailing, on quality wooden panels, Irish Bespoke Artwork, Unique, Original, Abstract.

Blank Space, Waste of Space, Outer Space

An original acrylic painting with airbrush detailing, a fantastical vision, reflection and mid-year summary review of 2020:

Blank Space: represents the use of the face mask. It prompts the viewer to reflect on maskafication of humans. Masks might seem threatening, sinister, and may have dehumanised us in some way. Do you have ‘mask anxiety’? They might be affecting the air you breathe, which might make you feel anxious or panicky, dizzy or sick, or even left feeling trapped or claustrophobic. Has the pandemic highlighted a deep hypocrisy; or a vague symmetry, with the ban of wearing the Niqāb or Burqa in some countries?

Waste of Space: represents all those who carried on regardless, became an overnight expert in everything, and clapped for what?

Outer Space: represents “well if in doubt, carry on exploring”, many nations have continued with exploratory missions to space throughout the pandemic. What does this say about us? As we extend our reach in the universe, are we merely spreading our germs further? In further space exploration, maybe this just the perseverance of the human spirit?

Features and Benefits

From the Abstract Art Paintings collection, this one-of-a-kind acrylic painting, shows you own something no one else owns. Blank Space, Waste of Space, Outer Space is guaranteed to make any home, office or workspace feel unique and special.

  • Selected for inclusion in the Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles (CIACLA) Online Program  Between You and Me August 2020 – June 2021.
  • No need to frame, edges painted, on quality wooden panel.
  • Signed & Dated on the reverse.
  • All artworks are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

I currently offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for this item, and guarantee no additional hidden charges at checkout.

  • This is handmade artwork.
  • This is original artwork.
  • This is unique artwork.
  • This is the only one that exists.

IMPORTANT: Every monitor displays colour differently. If you need more details or photos, please contact me before making a purchase.

Adrian Reynolds is a Dublin based abstract artist. His paintings are a response to the world that surrounds us. A world that is changing faster than ever before. His work is an exploration of colour, form and texture, placing his work at the intersection between abstraction and representation. His work has been featured in Ireland, the UK and the US.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 90 × 30 × 3.75 cm
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